BÖHM B-76 Bluetooth Noise Cancelation Headphones Review

If you are looking for a new pair of headphones we are here to help! If you really want to listen to music the way it was intended by the recording artist, you need a great pair of headphones. Today we will be doing a review of the BÖHM B-76. Through this BÖHM B-76 review, we hope to uncover whether it is worth the price for you!


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The BÖHM Bluetooth Wireless Headphones come equipped with a lot of features to make your audio listening experience the best it can be. What truly makes the BÖHM Noise Cancelling Headphones separate from others on the market is their fantastic look. This specific model we are looking at today have a brown gold exterior that is eye-catching and definitely looks higher end than a lot on the market today.

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The BÖHM Bluetooth Wireless Headphones are some of the most powerful on the market, as you can enjoy a great film, song, video game, or podcast wireless with a rich sound and heavy bass. This is not the norm nowadays and definitely makes them extra special.

The BÖHM Noise Cancelling Headphones are fully equipped with Bluetooth technology, making them ideal for anyone who wants a wireless experience. They have Bluetooth 4.0 and you can listen to anything off your smart device (phone, tablet, TV) at 10 meters away without being connected by a wire.


The BÖHM B-76 is extremely comfortable, which is important if you are going to use them for long periods of time. They can be comfortable for up to 16 hours mainly because of the cushioned foam that is built right into the ear pads. To ensure even more ability, the BÖHM B-76 comes with a built-in volume control so you do not even have to use your hands. The BÖHM B-76 also can cancel out any outside noise so you can focus solely on whatever you are listening to.

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This BÖHM Wireless Headphones Review would not be complete without talking about carrying it from place to place. You need a headphone set that is easy to take mobile, and this has a great foldable design that you can indeed take anywhere.


To finish off this BÖHM Wireless Headphones review, we wanted to focus on the noise-cancelling technology; this is known to cancel out any deep sounds around you but it does struggle with higher sounds should they also be around.


  • Noise cancellation
  • Very comfortable
  • Long battery life
  • Great look


  • Expensive when compared to others

Final verdict

Now it is time to finish off our BÖHM B-76 review by deciding whether they are a pair of headphones that will be ideal for you and your needs. After testing out the product ourselves, through the BÖHM B-76 review, we believe that these are fantastic headphones. While they may be a bit more expensive, they are worth every penny as they are durably made and offer a fantastic sound.